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Debbi L

Now 54 years old and remarried to a wonderful man, life got very comfortable the past 6 years, wining, dining, and snuggling on the couch sharing Breyer's right out of the carton. I tried to diet and exercise, but the weight just wouldn't come off like it did in my younger years and I was frustrated. I saw the incredible results that my friend had on this program and decided to check it out. Best investment that I ever made in my life! Lost almost 20 pounds in 60 days and ate some of the most delicious recipes that were actually good for me. I couldn't believe how fast the weight came off (without exercise) and how great I felt. Now that I have reached my goal of losing 25 pounds, eating right is easy and a pleasure I look forward to. I am fiting into cute clothes that were shoved in the back of my closet. I did however treat myself to a new bikini... Yay! The Ideal Weight Loss program is not a's a lesson learned for life. Thank you Kristi and Jim for your incredible program and support.

Joy E

Ok...I was facing my 65th birthday...50 pounds energy..on cholesterol medication and my doctor telling me I needed to go on blood pressure meds and eventually diabetic meds. NO WAY!! I decided to change my life.. I looked for something that would be healthy and easy way to accomplish my goals. I did my research and the Ideal Protein diet at Ideal Weight Loss was my answer. I started at 196 pounds and in 7 months lost 50 pounds and 65 inches. The pounds started falling off and my energy level went through the roof and I felt fabulous!! No more meds and all my levels are NORMAL! I'm an inspiration to myself and to friends, family, and strangers are all amazed when they see me or meet me for the first time and hear my journey. I love it when others decide to make the choice and start the program and within a short time see their own results. The help and support from my coach and mentor, Kristi at Ideal Weight Loss, showed me how to maintain my new way of life and make the process easy. Knowing this is my last diet and my healthy future, I am passionate to share my process and story in the belief that it can help others gain their health. IT WORKS!!


Great program! Kristi is a patient and knowledgeable coach. She has helped me understand my triggers and we have made great strides towards controlling them. To date I am down 80 pounds. Blood pressure under control and clean bill of health from doctors. FYI, I am 61. Have I cheated? Yes. The key is recovering from the cheat. She is conveniently located in Harbourtown and always available via text or call. If you want to commit to weight loss stop in and find out. You won’t regret it
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