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Roasted Zuccini
Roasted Chicken

We offer a plan that lowers your calories, carbohydrates, and fat in order for you to drop 2-4 pounds (women) and 2-7 pounds (men) per week, all while maintaining your lean mass. We do this WITHOUT medication. Our goal is to provide quality health and nutrition coaching to help clients achieve their ideal weight. Through education, support and guidance, we strive to make a difference in the daily habits of our clients and their family, not just for weight loss, but for long-term wellness. Our clients have our personal number so they can reach us anytime for support that is needed in and after this journey. We meet with our clients weekly to weigh in, measure, discuss their food journal, and help them with the upcoming challenges of each week. We will be client’s biggest cheerleader through this process, give high-5’s when goals are achieved and encourage them to be healthier than ever before. We will give them motivation and inspiration to not look back at old habits.Occasionally, there may be a little “happy dance” or a slight scream near the scale, but that is our delight in seeing progressions on your way to a healthier community.

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